How to use bridge?

Step1. Connect to your wallet

Step2. Clip the [Swap] button on the navigation bar to process into the bridge page‌

Step3. If you want to convert TEN-ERC20 into TEN-BEP20, please switch your wallet network to ETH Main. If you want to convert TEN-BEP20 to TEN-ERC20, please switch your wallet network to BSC Main.‌

You can confirm the current swap direction through the icon on the page

Step4. Set up the wallet address that you want to transfer to. If it is the same as your current wallet address, click on the [Same] button for shortcut input.‌

Step5. Set up the number of TEN you want to convert.

Step6. Clip the [Authorize] button,Authorize ten. If authorized, skip this step

Step7. Submit your request. You will need to transfer the amount of TEN you want to convert to the counterparty. Meanwhile, a processing fee will be charged for the counterparty to make the transfer from the other chain.

· ETH→BSC Fee:0.002 ETH

· BSC→ETH Fee:0.2 BNB

Take converting ETH into BSC as an example:

When the conversion transaction request is initiated, TEN will be transferred to the Bridge contract deployed on ETH. The contract will then start processing your request in the order of submission.

When you reach the top of the line and there is a sufficient amount of TEN in the Bridge contract on the BSC chain, the Bridge contract will begin transferring the corresponding amount of TEN to your BSC wallet address.

You will need to wait until the total amount of TEN in the BSC Bridge contract reaches a sufficient amount. Meanwhile, you will not be able to withdraw your conversion transaction request during the waiting process.

The same is true for converting BSC into ETH.

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