Add LP Token and start liquidity mining


Head to


Choose your Network (ETH/BSC)


Click [Ongoing] to view parameters including ROI, Closing Height/Time and remaining. Then you can choose liquidity tap and click [Choose].


Click [Unlock Wallet] and select a wallet supplier to connect your wallet.

*So far, Tenet V1 has included MetaMask, WalletConnect,MathWallet,Binance Chain Wallet,Imtoken,TrustWallet. More platforms, wallets and functions will be added and updated later.


Click [Authorize] to authorize LP token for liquidity tap. Confirm authorization through your wallet. Please wait 10 to 60 seconds (due to on-chain traffic) until you see the status button changes to Lock LP token”.


Click [Add LP Token] and enter the amount of LP token you want to add into the pop-up window. After conforming, based on your authorized wallet, a corresponding window will pop up. After paying gas fees, LP token added by you will be put into liquidity taps.

Please notice that in order to participate in liquidity mining, you have to hold corresponding LP token in your wallet. Otherwise, you need to first trade or add through Uniswap/Sushiswap/Pancakeswap so as to get LP token.

*Click Pair address to head to the page of Uniswap/Sushiswap/Pancakeswap trading pair. You can trade and get LP token.

Liquidity mining will begin after you transfer LP token into liquidity taps. Mining reward will be based on the ratio of your LP Token to the total amount of LP Token.

If you don't have LP Token, click【Convert and add LP Token】

Select to buy tokens you use to pay, enter the amount you need to pay, and click “Swap”. After this deal is done, LP Token you got will be automatically added into Liquidity Tap.

Support single-currency and multi-currency exchange‌

· Single-currency exchange: Exchange your token to 2 equivalent tokens. Add them in pool as liquidity to obtain LP Token.

· Multi-currency exchange: Use these 2 tokens you entered as liquidity on AMM platforms to obtain LP Token.

How to calculate:

Mining reward you receive per block = the amount of your LP Token / the total amount of LP Token added by all liquidity providers*reward per block.

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